New Participants

Please Read and Watch Video

Getting Started Kayaking

Before paddling with Group.


The CNY Kayakers is a recreational group that came together to enjoy the pleasure of Kayaking. All are welcome to participate with us; however, our purpose is not to teach new kayakers the basic skill of the sport. The time we spend on the water each week is limited, and the extra responsibility of the inexperienced paddlers is more than we can ask our members to take on. If you wish to participate with us, we ask that you first can paddle in a straight line (not always as easy as you may think) and that you will be able to paddle at least 5 miles, or in other terms, paddle for at least 2 hours. Our experience has also shown us that boats under 12 feet are difficult to do this with although it is not impossible (rent kayaks at Camillus Kayak Shop 672-8439). Local kayak outlets do offer basic training (Camillus Kayak Shop) as well as at least one of the local high schools offer a basic kayaking program. There are also excellent training video available as well as many sites on, the Internet to assist the new paddler. The sport, as we enjoy it, is also a demanding physical activity, so please keep that in mind before participating.
Thank you.