Sylvan Kayaking Views

Sunday of 9/11 was warm and sunny. Twenty people participated in the paddle, and two more - Bill and Ruth, joined the group afterwards. The paddling group comprised of Anne and Roger, Cindy and Rick, Lisa and Jerry, Mary and Charles, Tish and Gene, Aneta and Robert, Kim, Eric, Phil, Sue, Bob, Kevin, Bill, and a newcomer Greg. Oneida Lake was exceptionally calm and with limited motorboat traffic, so for the first time in two years we ventured out into the open waters of the lake in order to get to Oneida Creek. The paddle was very relaxing. The water level on the creek was higher than usual, but the real tell-tale of how high it used to be during the latest hurricane deluge were high tree branches sporting weedy decorations picked up from the overflowing waters as well as a peculiar arrangement of weeds on each bank that were combed to one side by powerful currents. It was a challenge to find a spot for a take out, but when we did, we stopped to enjoy some snacks and to stretch. The paddle, mostly uneventful, was accentuated by frequent splashes by Bob the Merman, who kept practicing his newly perfected and very reliable Eskimo roll with his Greenland paddle. One almost expected to see a nice fat carp flapping between Bob's teeth as he emerged. The length of the paddle was 9.5 miles.

The highlight of the day was a post-paddle barbecue at Bob's house in Oneida. The club members finally had the opportunity to meet Bob's lovely wife Patty, and his talented daughter Lexie. Bob promptly switched hats from Kayaker Bob to Fireman Bob, as the flame on his grill needed extinguishing on more than one occasion. This however did not have any bearing on the food. The famished crowd enjoyed deviled eggs by Cindy and Tish, pasta salads, chips, cheese and crackers, hot-dogs, hamburgers, cookies and scones washed down by various beverages. It was a perfect afternoon. Thanks to Bob for the invite!

Report by Aneta Nessel Images by Kim Wojnowicz, Anne Schofield & Roger Harrod