Skaneateles Lake kayaking

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    It was a warm and balmy night as 15 paddlers set out from the Skaneateles boat launch. Rick 1, Ross,  our 3 Daves (Luber, Fay, and Grant +Nancy) Tish and Gene, Hugh, John Lang, Anne and Roger, Patti Major and new paddlers Kim and Bill.  The gently rolling waters of the lake made for a delightful paddle.  As we approached the village we were welcomed with the Skaneateles band’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner drifting across the water.  Hugh’s flag was waving proudly on the back of his kayak.  When we arrived some paddlers got out of their boats to join the crowd seated on the lawn.  Others opted to stay in their boats while the band played pieces from Oklahoma and other cheery favorites.  Kitt appeared briefly and gave a lesson to our new paddlers. Anne and Roger brought wine, cheese and crackers to share, which proved to be a rather precarious undertaking given the rolling water and shortage of glasses.  But where there’s a will there’s a way.  Fortunately those paddlers who were listening from the water were alerted  that they were in the space where the mail/dinner boat docks and were able to move just in time as it appeared that the boat had no intention of  sharing it’s space with lowly kayaks.  The sun was setting as we headed back to the launch and brought a truly beautiful evening to an end, completing a 5.2 mile round trip.


Report and Images by Anne Schofield, Images by Roger Harrod, Ross Relyea

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