Fair Haven Kayaking Images

    It was perfect Mother's Day weather for kayaking: sunny, 63ish, slight cool breeze off Lake Ontario.  The paddle began by deciding which clothes to wear.  Several emptied their closets, unsure which layering would be needed - cool to warm or warm to cool.  Water temperature measured 55 degrees on the trusty wine thermometer.  A couple of early risers arrived before 1PM to get in some extra kayaking miles, then joined the rest of us ugly ducklings.  The yakers: Bill, Aneta, Robert, Bob, Eric, Tish, Gene, Nina, Phil, Christine, Cindy, Hugh, Ann, Roger, Rick, Kim, plus newcomers Warren, John, and 2 others whose names I am sorry I did not get.

      We were not alone.  Swans watched at a respectable distance, glided along side us as we entered the creek, and showed off their beautiful white plumage.  Their population appears to have increased nicely here.  Mom's-to-be sat in on their nests in the clumps of vegetation along the creek's edge keeping the eggs warm.  A few turtles, a heron, and a goose in a tree were also spotted.  The vague destination from Fairhaven was Sterling Nature Center.  The first oops turn was slightly off target, so we backtracked.  The second oops turn set the group on the way to the campgrounds and low water.  The two groups in the front had already exceeded kayaking 5 miles, so we made our way back and passed by the turn we now knew would have taken us to the Center.  It was such a glorious day we would have paddled anywhere to loosen up the winter-weary muscles and catch up with who did what over the winter and who arrived with new kayaking gadgets.  On land the faithful GPSs located a restaurant in Red Creek 7 miles away that promised bodacious burgers and chicken.  It was a lively bar for a Sunday and the food hit the spot.


Report and Images by Kim Wojnowicz, Images Anne Schofield & Roger Harrod