Paddling Views

    Fifteen kayakers gathered at the south end of Skaneateles Lake for a 5 mile trip to Nina's co-op camp at Apple Tree Point on the west side to picnic and swim.  Tim from Cortland was our new face and kayak for the day.  Bob intercepted us at the launch with a report of smooth, warm water and no wind but just a "little" humidity, being a sure sign of rain later.  A couple of raindrops fell along the way and the usual boat traffic for a Sunday afternoon of jet skis and tubers along with motor boats going fast were encountered.  At Nina's camp Kim W was waiting for us after taking her own paddle with her injured shoulder to test out the repair work of her physical therapist, which joyfully ranked flying colors.  A spread of food ensued with Nina boiling up some fine sweet corn and our meeting her fellow co-oppers who also joined following Cindy into the lake for the obligatory August Sunday afternoon swim in the relatively warm (but very clean) water.  After a reasonable amount of time the landlubbers grew fearful of the impending darkened sky just as raindrops came again so the paddlers bid adieu for the 5 mile return trip, now with blessed tailwind, with an eye on the sky and made is back to the launch with the sun out again.  An interesting and pleasurable afternoon indeed.  Exchanged information for the week was had regarding the Rollins Pond campout and next Sunday's Hinkley Reservoir meeting.


Report by Cindy Phillips Images by Roger Harrod and Walt Stroud

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