Oswego River kayaking

Oswego River from Phoenix, 6/5/2011

    Although the weather look iffy and it rained at some locations that morning, 26 CNY Kayakers arrived in Phoenix to enjoy a Sunday afternoon on Oswego River: Sandy, Kim, Bill, Bob, Nina, High, Eric, Jim, Annie and David, Ruth and Bill, Sue and Dan, Tish and Gene, Karen and Tim, Jean and Ron, Cindy and Rick, Anne and Roger, and Aneta and Robert. It addition to the great number of our paddlers, there were six other kayakers launching from the spot, two jet-skis and a motorboat awaiting their turn, as well as several fishermen stationed along the shore line, so the launch area was as colorful as it was crowded.

    As we launched with very little delay, the skies brightened up and we proceeded north towards Oswego. We managed to keep the group together for a while until it naturally split to accommodate three different paddle lengths. The first group turned around after 3 miles, the second group after 5, and the third group, nicknamed “The Magnificent 7” for the lucky number of participating members, continued to complete 6 miles before turning around. As usual the return trip was much harder due to current and winds, and thus a little slower. The first two groups, who completed the paddle well ahead of the third, went out to Smokey Bones for dinner. Kim and Dan kindly waited for the third group to finish, especially that Dan had a personal stake in the matter (Sue was her name). The remaining paddlers joined the rest of the group at Smokey Bones, although one might suspect only bones and smoke were left once the group has finished with their meal.


Report by Aneta Nessel Images by Kim Wojnowicz, Anne Schofield & Roger Harrod, Bill Getz

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