Owasco Inlet kayaking

Owasco Lake Inlet, 5/29/2011

    The Memorial Day Weekend finally brought some wonderful weather to Central New York. 19 paddlers arrived in Owasco Inlet to enjoy the day: Rick and Cindy, Stan, Anne and Roger, Ruth and Bill, Ross, Sue and Dan, Rick, Kim, Tish and Gene, Peter, Hugh, Aneta and Robert, and – new to the club but not to paddling – Heather.

    The pre-paddle team, consisting of Heather, Ross, Robert, and Aneta set out around 11 am to paddle a little on Owasco Lake’s south end. There was southern wind that brought on light surf on the way out, and splashing head-on waves on the way in. The lake was absolutely beautiful with surprisingly light motor boat traffic for this time of year, especially that it was the holiday weekend. The trip was 5.75 miles long and the crew returned in time to hang out with the rest of the group while they were getting ready to launch.

    The Owasco Inlet’s water level was much higher than usual. We received intelligence that there was a fallen tree about an hour into the course, which was likely to shorten the paddle from its original length. Unfortunately, our secret informant was unable to join us due to family obligations such as his sister’s wedding (really, what a lame excuse to miss a paddle Eric!), but he was certainly missed. It has been duly noted that he had made up the missed paddle on Friday, for his information was accurate and a tree was indeed obstructing the creek. Not even Dan’s saw was going to do the job, so we had no option but to turn around. That did not take away from enjoying the paddle, being close to nature, spying on bunnies on shore, taking multitude of pictures, and discussing matters at hand. Aside from the fallen tree, the inlet had fewer than usual obstacles and swifter than usual current. We wrapped up after 5.25 miles and proceeded to Cascades restaurant to enjoy a tasty meal and refreshing beer and soda. Not a bad way to kick off summer!

Report by Aneta Nessel Images by Kim Wojnowicz and Anne Schofield & Roger Harrod

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