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    Eleven paddlers met across from Montezuma Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center. The official boat count was 4 red, 3 yellow, 3 orange, and 1 blue- we all know who THAT was! Two new people joined us.  Roger & Anne,Rick & Cindy, Gene & Tish, Eric, Sue, Sandy, Gary, and Amy helped each other launch among the fishermen lining the banks. We passed under the bridge and immediately heard a mother osprey in her nest on a platform atop a pole put there to encourage nesting. We sighted several osprey and great blue herons. The sun beat down on us with no break from clouds. Only a couple of fishing boats were out on the river. The Thruway noise was loud and steady as we paddled alongside on the canal. One young boy fishing with his dad wondered if we were having a race. If we were, I told him I was in last place. The water got scummier and smellier as we pushed further toward the waterfall and dam. We were all looking forward to the ice cream and bait shop next to the dam, but it had suffered damage in the spring floods and sported a for sale sign. We played for a few minutes in the current at the base of the falls, and then turned back with no frozen treats. Some paddlers nibbled down sandwiches near the shore, while others meandered downstream toward clearer water. We passed the little boy again, just as they were heading for another fishing spot. I pretended to try to race them, knowing I would lose, but the little guy was amused. At the junction of the river, we pulled over to a sandy beach by the side of the bridge to stretch our legs and backs. Some frosted Panera brownies appeared and immediately disappeared. Within a few minutes, we pushed off again and headed for the launch site. Our little fishing buddy passed us again waving happily as they raced past us. Some paddlers enjoyed the waves made by some jet skis and a few big boats; with the afternoon heat, the people who opted to leave spray skirts behind enjoyed free baths.  As we loaded our boats, the decision was made to not eat out, but some agreed to meet at the Blues Fest at the Inner Harbor. We hope our new paddlers join us again so we can get to know them better. We are all missing Kim who fell and hurt herself a couple weeks ago-- GET WELL SOON!

Report by Tish Evans, Images by Anne Scofield & Roger Harrod

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