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    The moon was going to be full, skies were going to be clear, and temperature was going to be decent, so Ross suggested a moonlight paddle on Cazenovia Lake.  This was a new experience for some paddlers and an ideal replacement for Wednesday night TV and chores.  Seven paddlers agreed: Ross & Mel in tandem, Aneta & Rob, Eric, Heather, and Kim.

    We launched at approx 8:30 PM in daylight.  We passed other kayakers, canoeists and motor boaters who were finishing their evening of exercise, quiet talk, special time with their dogs, and fishing. The sun set as predicted at 8:46 PM.  Skies and calm water were decked out in warm orange, pink and yellow hues.  Previously activated glow sticks began to brighten on bows & sterns.  We leisurely paddled along the east shore to the end in an hour 15 minutes.  When we made our U-turn, the moon was over the horizon and hills.  Paddlers just sat quietly in their boats to absorb the moment.  Life was feeling pretty wonderful at that second and all was right with the world. 

      We came back via the west side.  The shore line was darker so we veered toward the middle.  Stars appeared.  Our boat and head lights were brighter, which attracted—yep, flying insects!  Headlights were doused.  Those with lights too close to them on their bow paddled and swat through the forming bug clouds.  Their mouths opened in moderation.  Lesson learned.  It was a 45 minute paddle back to the launch site, which was a bit trickier to identify at night.  It was chillier, but not cold.  There are no street lights in that parking area, so we used car lights to illuminate our boat loading activities.  That 22-footer was a handful, but all yaks and yakers safely made it. We agreed that any tiredness the next day was worth this priceless opportunity.  Thanks Ross!

Report and Images by: Kim Wojnowicz, Images by Ross Relyea

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