Cazenovia Lake kayaking

Kayaking Views

    It was a beautiful night for a paddle, with just Ross and Mel, Robert (no Aneta, she was mowing) and Eric who showed up for a wonderful night.  The weather was perfect, the sky blue and the water was very warm.  While we waited to launch, another kayaker chatted with us about how she was here last month with the rest of her crew, but they didn’t stay out too late, they didn’t bring jackets.

    We launched and headed up the east coast of the lake, avoiding the minor boat traffic and taking many photos of the setting sun.  Reaching the end of the lake, we sat awhile and enjoyed the night, Eric’s boat glowing from the light we had put in his front hatch. 

    Rested, we headed back along the west coast.  We noticed that we could see a lot more compared to the previous moonlight paddle, we figured there was less haze this night (and less bugs).  Finding the cars was a minor challenge in the dark, but we did and loaded up, (Ross’s big boat needing the most help).  A wonderful night had by all.

Report & Images by Eric Zhaman, Images by Ross Relyea

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