Tioughnioga River kayaking


    Light intermittent rain on Sunday morning challenged 7 paddlers to proceed to the Tioughnioga River paddle led by Dave Grant every May.  Roger, Rick and Cindy brought short boats to bounce down the river in and they met Dave G, Dave L, Hugh and Eric at Burger King in Tully to go the put-in where an annual canoe & kayak race was incidentally starting at 11.  The assortment of vehicles in the race from Otters, Grummans, racing kayaks, and strip wood canoes were quite a site.  The racers just made the scenery more interesting and observers were stationed at the crossing bridges along the way was we drove to drop off cars at  Yaman Park in Cortland where the racers were also going.  Having heard stories from fellow kayakers regarding this "Tio" River trip causing capsizes, including Kathy Kitt who raced it and capsized twice,  only heightened the curiosity quotient for Rick, Cindy and Eric who had never done it.   Ahh humm.  

    Please see accompanying photos by RogerDave L's swim occurred fairly soon at a tricky spot caused by a tree on the bank and Roger the photographer was present to capture a click.  We were expecting to happen onto some "casualties" of the race but only found a dead snake and frog.  A few miles later someone in the lead yelled to watch out for a log at a fast-moving 90 degree turn, however, Eric's Tempest refused to turn tight enough and threw him out in waist-high cold water.  After pumping out the second boat of the day, Mr Rick managed to tip over in his untippable 11 foot Flex after getting back into it, which resulted in pumping out the third boat of the day.  Onward to a lunch break some sandwiches served to refuel the wet fellows and we were in "cow country" where the cows had already gotten a hefty dose of passing excitement by probably 100 of the river racers.   Of course, some harder rain decided to "intermittently" fall, however, the pleasure of riding down the current and the greenery all around was compensatory.   At a small but notorious dam, a standing wave at the the bottom went over Roger's and Cindy's bow into their laps (cold).  After 13.8 miles, and in a slight downpour, the muddy, happy, hungry and thirsty group loaded up and changed into dry clothes for dinner at the Sweet Basil in Tully which was greatly enjoyed.  We look forward to another Tioughnioga adventure next May with Dave G

.Report by Cindy Phillips Images by Roger Harrod

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