Kendig Creek kayaking

     It was a damp day for paddling, so the boat stayed on the car and the camera recorded the scene from shore.  Seneca River was close to the top of its banks and water nearly buried the launch ramp.  The culvert was barely keeping water under the road to Oak Island.  The section of river to the small bridge was blocked, because the bridge was impassable.  The water under the larger bridge left about a 2-foot clearance for boaters.  There were a lot of newborns waddling everywhere and a freshly used egg was sitting by the pathway.  The current was stronger than I have ever seen it.  Ducks and geese on the water were sailing by.  It would have been a hard paddle to the Kendig Creek intersection.  I stopped by the Mudlock launch site on my way home and the water was close to the top of that launch ramp as well.  I took a quick turn through Montezuma Game Refuge and the river is so high that the salmon are practically on land.  What a sight!  Let's hope we are not land-bound next week

.Report and Images by Kim Wojnowicz

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