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    Sunday was the last day of the many consecutive days of unbearable heat. The water in Seneca River was like hot soup and full of overgrown algae in some spots. Despite of high temperature, there were 20 paddlers participating in various paddle configurations.

    The first group of early birds consisted of Hugh, Bob, Robert and Aneta. They launched at the 481 overpass in Clay at 9:15 am in order to paddle to Longbranch Park and join the main group at noon. The 8.5 mile paddle took just two hours and by 11:30 they were picnicing and socializing on the cool grass. After eating lunch Bob took off for Onondaga Lake in order to bridge the mileage gap between the round trip he was about to finish with the club and a nice round number of 20.

    The main group consisted of Eric, Anne and Roger, Mary and Charles, Ruth and Bill, Sandy, and Rick, as well as some new arrivals. The newer faces belonged to Emily and her dad Bob in red and green Necky Zoars; and Amy, who returned for her second paddle with a new Necky Manitou made from recycled materials. We also had a “recycled” club member from previous years – Kathy – who returned for a second time this year with her speedy Prijon Baraccuda. As some kayakers drove off to shuttle cars, the rest enjoyed relaxing in the shade.

    The reunited group set out around 1:00 pm. The wind picked up making paddling not so much cooler as harder and slower. Many motorboats passed by, and it was surprising to see that the majority observed the code and slowed down while passing. The same fact proved disappointing for those trying to ride the wakes; nonetheless some balance between safety and fun was achieved. As we progressed along the river, we were first joined by Janice, who paddled from her home to hang out with us for a little while, and later by Christine and Phil with Edgar the dog. The main group completed nearly 9 miles, and the early birds nearly 18.

    Six paddlers made it to dinner at Limp Lizzard in Liverpool, where they were joined by Hugh’s wife Jody. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Report by Aneta Nessel Images by Anne Schofield &Roger Harrod

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