November 27 Views

Dave F, Kim, Eric, Patty G, Rick 1 & 2, Gene & Tish, Walt, and Hugh met at the launch site at Willow Bay for our almost-annual Lights on the Lake paddle. The weather was warm, even balmy. There was a wind, but it blew warm across our faces. Because of the water temperature, we all wore too many clothes for the weather. Kim passed out some glow sticks she had picked up at a store closing sale. Some of us had headlamps and Walt had a flashing beacon which made him easy to spot.

We paddled up to the outlet of the lake and posed for the group shots. Then we continued up the lake dotted with hundreds of noisy geese and gulls. By the time we got to the marina and Salt Museum area, it was getting dark and the lights were easy to see. We seemed to outnumber the very few cars tracing the route through the bright light display. A light rain joined us and dampened our clothing, but not our spirits.

We made short work of helping each other out of our boats and reloading them onto our vehicles. We capped off our evening with a caravan to The Retreat, which was decked out with beautiful lights and decorations for the holidays. Roger and Anne joined us at the restaurant. We devoured our dinners and lingered for conversation, not wanting our season to be officially over.