Kayute Lake kayaking

Two Kayaking Reports from Kayuta Lake

Report 1 by Cindy Phillips.

    The downpour in Syracuse was not supposed to extend north of Utica, so proceeding to the Kayuta Lake paddle found a group huddled under an umbrella (Kim W, Sue, Dave L, Eric and Lisa, Bill E & Peter) with kayaks unloaded and ready to go while a few more streamed in for the noon launch.  Eric's sister Lisa was our newest happy and very adapt paddler.  Bob was conspicuously missing, raising concern for his post surgical foot.  Aneta and Robert with his new Currituck, Rick and Cindy, Tim and Karen arrived and the rain totally stopped.  Having almost no wind or motor boat or jet ski traffic was a real bonus so a nice relaxing kayaking trip up the Black River was had to a lunch break on a sand beach with a float back from the upper extent at the usual rocks/water fall barrier.  Not much wildlife appeared for the photographers but Kim W found a turtle.  The high water level at the sand beach in the middle of Kayuta Lake must have caused the lack of party barges and noisy masses of motor boaters, etc we normally see here even in June.  A fine afternoon was had by all enjoying the very interesting cloud formations, Adirondack fresh everygreen-scented air, very smooth water and usual chatting about everything and anything.  Lisa appeared to have a great time on her first kayaking outing with us and we hope to see her again and often.  Robert of course was in absolute paddling heaven in his new boat as was Rick in his with its new tush-cushy soft seat.   With hunger and thirst ensuing at the dinner hour the Buffalo Head Restaurant beckoned 11 of the 15 for food and drink (see photos) and dessert was had in honor of our absent Walt who is "on the road again" seeing the USA in his Chevrolet with his two best female buds, Edie and Abby.

Report 2 by Aneta Nessel.

    The weekend in the Adirondacks was cold and windy. Sunday morning looked even worse with relentless heavy rain and ominous dark clouds. It was just the kind of morning you want to go back to bed or plop comfortably in a plush armchair with a good book and a cup of coffee. Still an impressive number of 15 kayakers, clad in rain gear and armed with umbrellas, huddled on-site in the pouring rain to discuss what to do next. While lunch at Buffalo Head sounded appealing, the desire to paddle won out. The flock mentality always works: if at least two people express the will to face the miserable onslaught of rain, the rest will follow. This time was no exception and everybody started to unload. Before we knew it, the rain suddenly stopped. It was still overcast, but not a drop of rain touched us throughout the entire 12 mile paddle. While the weather didn’t stop us from enjoying the water, it certainly stopped other boaters, as the motor boat traffic was much lighter than usual.

    We set out a little late. The group consisted of Eric, his sister Lisa, Kim, Sue, Bill, Tim and Karen, Anne and Roger, David, Cindy and Rick, Peter, and Aneta and Robert. The group dynamics were interesting as usual. Karen and Tim took a quick pit stop to shed some layers of clothing (that’s the official story). Lisa and Eric concluded their trip about 4 miles in at a boat launch to take it easy on Lisa on her first long distance kayaking outing, and Dave and Bill at a 10 mile mark at a beach where we stopped for lunch. To abide by tradition, something was lost and something was found. (Still miss that camera Eric?) Aneta lost the battery cover to her marine GPS. While the GPS floats, the cover didn’t. Roger found an intact can of Bud Light, which he gave to Aneta. It did not fit over the battery opening. Kim took photos, Anne watched birds, Sue continued to improve her speed and endurance and started to blow us all out of the water by getting faster and faster, Bill finished strong, Cindy and Rick stayed dry all throughout the paddle, and Peter coasted along well camouflaged in his navy blue boat. We had a great time.

    At the end of the paddle everybody reunited and 11 paddlers went to Buffalo Head for dinner, where scrod and chicken and biscuits were top choices.

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