Hinkley Reservoir kayaking

Hinkley Reservoir was very quiet under a cloudy sky for Patti M, Nina, Dave L, Walt, Kim, Tish, Gene, Bill E, Rick and Cindy.  The trip was very short as a storm warning came over the marine radio.  A beach party lunch ensued with nice warm swimming (80 degrees) for Nina and Cindy.  Dave told some colorful stories about his customers, which are always enlightening, and a boundless source of amusement.  Across the water a red speeding bullet of a kayak appeared with Eric who had come from shopping after leaving Kim, Tish and Gene at Rollins Pond.  An eye was kept on the sky during the beach party and as dinnertime approached, the group minus Bill, headed to Joel's Steakhouse for a farewell dinner for Patti M who is moving to Charlotte, North Carolina next weekend.  We wish you much success and happiness "down south" Patti and hope to paddle with you next year when you come back to visit.  We hear there are a lot of places to paddle down there.  Keep us posted.

Report by Cindy Phillips & Images by Kim Wojnowicz & Walter Stroud
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