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Golden Beach July 29-31

    Yakers arrived Thursday and Friday.   The majority set up relatively easy.  Karen, Tim, Aneta & Rob landed on a mini site and were relocated in the lowlands.   Bob found himself just off Route 28 and convinced the registration folks to allow him to share a site on a hill.  He thought he was getting easy access to the lake, but instead he got traffic zooming by his site.  All were settled before the rain, except one.  After the downpour many hands popped up her new abode. 

    After drying out, many headed to Seventh Lake House for supper.  The place was packed and after the first bite we knew why.  The chef was excellent and the waitresses handled the 2 tables with ease.  Those who cooked on their sites had some pretty tasty meals as well – Greek chicken … grilled portabella.  Christine had a campfire blazing and we gathered to chat until eyelids dropped. 

    Early morning brought out the doughnut man and the coffee seekers.  The day was bright and the standing puddles were evaporating from the high ground and mushy lowlands. Ann shared her kindle with Kim, whose shoulder was not quite ready for a paddle (next week!).  She & Dan made themselves useful by shuttling the exuberant paddlers from Blue Mountain back to Golden Beach.   Dinner was shared on Rick& Cindy and Ann & Roger’s site.  Thanks folks, you are great hosts & hostesses.  The food was plentiful and tasty as usual.   There were few leftovers, but a couple morsels were saved for Phil & son, who joined us after dark.  The fire roared again after a slight boost of propane, compliments of Dave. 

    Sunday was another gorgeous day.  Some paddled early, some later, some longer, some went home to recuperate, and some stayed until the very last second of vacation. 

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    Saturday’s voyage from Golden Beach got off to a fine start with 18 paddlers and 2 dogs under a sunny sky with little wind on Raquette Lake and up the Marion River with lots of gorgeous summer Adirondack scenery along the way.  We did have one motorboat pass us going up the river to its fishing spot while we approached our portage landing at the historic railroad crossing/steamboat dock from the Great Camps era.  The quarter mile trail was nicely dry and flat for our carts with only one big log as an obstacle requiring two people per boat to get over.  Lunch break was taken before paddling over Utowana Lake then over Eagle Lake to Blue Mountain Lake.   The warm clean water provided a couple of playful rounds of water gun battles in addition to viewing the scenery on all sides and above.  Approaching the majestic Blue Mountain ahead of us was a delight to behold, changing shape and colors with the passing clouds and a very welcome tail wind helped us speed along.  In Blue Mountain Lake the scattered rock and tree covered islands reminded us of the St. Lawrence River.  There were an increasing number of summer homes, cottages, sea planes, and boat traffic including kayaks as we approached our take-out at the town beach.  Thanks to Kim and Dan, who were waiting to assist with shuttling of our cars and boats, the whole voyage was a “piece of cake” at around 14 miles and 5 hours.  Thanks very much to Kim and Dan for the most welcome transportation.  It was a perfect day in the water.

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Reports by Kim Wojnowicz and Cindy Phillips Images by Anne Schofield & Roger Harrod and Walter Stroud

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