Delta Lake kayaking

Another lovely windless afternoon paddle was had by Bob B, Bill E, Jerry, Rick & Cindy and Roger & Anne.  Doug & Debbie from Holland Patent launched with us and chose to look for birds and such to photograph at their leisure and join back up with us for dinner.  The reservoir water level was lower than expected considering the deluge last Sunday.  Even the motor boat traffic was fairly light considering also that it was a holiday weekend.  Even the campground and beach were virtually empty.  So we dawdled up the Mohawk River inlet a short way before bottoming out on a cobblestone sandbar from the recent flood on which to hop out for a snack and stretch break, etc.  A bald eagle appeared to enchant us and some snowy egrets among the seagulls.  Dinner was had at the Delta Lake Inn and Doug & Debbie had some stories to tell.

Report by Cindy Phillips Images by Anne Schofield & Roger Harrod

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