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    The morning was a bit ominous but 18 intrepid paddlers, including a relative rookie, believed the weather forecaster about the afternoon being sunny and calm. We started out promptly at 1pm from the Town of Scott boat launch and paddled up the east side of the lake in search of the shale beach we have swam off and snacked on in years past. After about 2 miles the wind picked up and the rain started. A very nice offer of refuge at one of the points came from a concerned lake shore resident and a few paddlers took the offer and beached there while the rest of us continued in search of the beach. About 3/4 of a mile further several paddlers became concerned at the height of the waves and general rough seas we began to experience and it didn't take but three words to convince me to  turn around. ("let's go back"). The boat I was paddling (For the first time) had an extremely rounded hull, no chine, and the good news is that it was fast. The motorboat near where we put in that was doing figure 8's at mach 7 didn't help the wave situation one bit. Following seas are hard enough without being blind sided by rogue waves that hit from both sides at the same time. A couple paddlers stayed behind on the point (smart enough to know when to call it quits, for sure!) and the rest of us continued back to the put-in, with Aneta being approached by the idiots in the motor boat, which she handled in quite the no-nonsense fashion. It was quite an experience and an ordeal at times, but we were very happy to be back in the parking lot at the launch all together, and counting our fingers and toes. Most of us proceeded to Johnny Angels in the Village of Skaneateles, where we filled up 2 tables and our tummies, leaving just enough room for some ice cream at Doug's Fish Fry. 

Report by Kathy Kitt, Images by Anne Schofield & Roger Harrod

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