Seneca River
"Let the Season Begin "
Date: Saturday, March 20, 2010
Time 1:00 PM
Report by Tish Evans
Tish Evans kayaking Seneca River

16 paddlers. Two newcomers. A pair of swans paddled along side of me, maybe 10 feet away, without being aggressive. Very cool. Some people (Bob...) paddled further, and a few of us were behind. We whistled to stop, but the group ahead wanted to make the railroad trestle. So we rafted together swapping stories in the middle of the river. The wind and the current were both pushing us back, so we lifted our paddles and made sails and got to 2.2 miles per hour on the GPS, which was faster than paddling upstream into it. We had a blast! One heron made 2 appearances. Plenty of Canada geese.

Dinner was all specially-priced with portions that were second only to Buffalo Head. Most saved half their meal in order to fit in the homemade desserts. I heard no complaints.

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