Salmon River Reservoir kayaking

The 1:00 Group
by Cindy Phillips

    Twelve paddlers gathered for a leisurely spin around the protected and marshy bay area of the Salmon River Reservoir by the bridge at County Routes 17 and 27 on another warm and sunny Sunday afternoon and headed up a small inlet creek until it ran too shallow for our kayaks.  Around a corner appeared Phyllis to join us better late than never.  Enroute back downstream a well known spot for a lunch break at a curve in the creek had a couple mosquitoes and deer flies that cut short our dockage.  Back out in the bay to snoop around some islands and other inlets conversations continued before ending up back at the bridge to encounter the blasting west wind we had escaped from.  No incidences ensued this fine day and shortly appeared the Expedition 5 who had circumnavigated the Reservoir during several earlier hours.  Eleven folks sped to The Hayloft Restaurant just down the road for a fine and timely dinner and more conversation.


Circumnavigating Salmon River Reservoir
by Aneta Nessel

    Bob, Karen, Tim, Robert and I met by 10:00 in Redfield to paddle Salmon River Reservoir. It was windy and much colder than where we came from. It turned out that to paddle a full length of the reservoir in straight line back and forth would be a trip of 12 miles, but to circumnavigate it with tracing every single bay – at least 17 miles. We decided on circumnavigation. We started out at 10:15 and proceeded along the south shore that had a few smaller bays and two very large ones, one of which was at least a mile long. We weren’t as meticulous as we could have been, yet by the time we reached the western tip of the reservoir we covered well over 10 miles. We stopped for lunch around noon on the south shore, and later for snack on the north shore. The weather was wonderful with comfortably warm temperature, sunshine, and cool wind. The paddle was very pleasant and moderately challenging with wind coming from every direction depending on our position. This made for en excellent experience and a really good workout that exercised more than just the upper body. We kayaked head on and sideways to various size waves, enjoyed some calm water in sheltered bays, and surfed at high speeds on the way back. The wind kept us from averaging more than 3 miles per hour, so on the way back we started cutting corners, as it was getting late. Surfing along the north shore was very exhilarating, and at one point I clocked 6.8 miles per hour, beating Robert for once. The trip took 5.5 hours. Karen, Tim, Robert and I covered 18.3 miles, and Bob, who came early to the early paddle (to pre-pre-paddle the pre-paddle), finished at 21 miles.  When we finished, we were welcomed by the club members who were long done with their 1:00 paddle. It was very nice of the group to wait for us and to give us a hand with loading up. We enjoyed a nice dinner at the Hayloft Restaurant. This time NOTHING bad happened in Redfield. Bo-ring! 


Images by Kim Wojnowicz

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