Port Bay kayaking

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    The sky was overcast, and it rained intermittently on Sunday. David L., Cindy, Rick, Eric, Anne, Roger, Rick 2, Paul, Tish, Gene, Aneta, Robert, and Phyllis arrived at the launch site in Port Bay to enjoy a day on the water. It had just started to rain hard, so we sat in our cars to wait it out. The rain predictably lessened, and we launched with half an hour delay.

    The wind was such that the bay was choppy, while Lake Ontario was completely flat. This afforded us a peaceful paddle to see Chimney Bluffs. The Bluffs looked less spectacular than usual due to overcast sky, but we got a closer look than ever because the placid great lake allowed us to pull up to the very shore below the Bluffs unimpeded by pounding waves. For once we didn’t need a bay to stop for lunch. We paused for a while to eat, stretch our legs and contemplate the huge mounds of sand. Four people went out during a break to paddle an extra mile to round the trip to 10 miles, while the others were happy with 9. The paddle was uneventful, but we monitored the weather channel closely for possible thunderstorms. Fortunately, no unpleasant surprises awaited and we returned in peace spying on a great Bald Eagle.

    We stopped at Pier 1 restaurant for dinner. It was nice to sit and relax even as we had to share the one and only menu in the whole place.

Report by: Aneta Nessel Images by: Anne Schofield and Roger Harrod

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