Paddlefeat kayaking weekend

   Paddlefest 2010 NY

 Three day weekend started by noon Friday for Kim W, Sue & Dan, Rick and Cindy test paddling kayaks and going to demonstrations pertaining to kayaking on the waterfront with Roger and Anne arriving in time for Happy Hour and dinner at Billie's Italian Restaurant.  A new kayak had been bought that fit Sue's specifications so now she has a rudder to control.  Rick's Tahe sported a For Sale sign which was sold rapidly to a couple who live on Oneida Lake.  Following dinner, and with Rick and Dan lounging on the pool deck, all proceeded to the 85 degree swimming pool at Clark's Beach for a wild pool party of floating on a beach ball, styrofoam noodle, child's boogie board, and a half deflated inner tube.   Baseball was created by hitting the pitched beach ball with the boogie board and a half-hearted swim race.   All got worn out early as the pool closed at 9 p.m.  Plans were made for Saturday morning's breakfast at Walt's Diner to which Kim W, Sue & Dan and Rick & Cindy started the day with a very large breakfast to be paddled off out of Inlet in time for dinner.

    The Byrne Dairy rendezvous at 11 yielded Hugh and Pam for a total of 9 paddlers who proceeded to Inlet to add Christine, Phil and two small kayaking dogs named Edgar and Lucy who ride with Christine.  There was a stiff little wind which Dan didn't like, especially on this very notorious lake, so Dan and Sue aborted their trip with the remainder of us fighting headwind to Alger Island to take out for our customary picnic.  We just love the outhouses there and we made good use of the nice docks to practice exiting and re-entering from.  Virtually noone else around on the lake.  Even the water was warm.  Note was made of a no dogs allowed sign on a tree which Edgar and Lucy were tethered to.  Had a ranger arrived to throw the dogs out they had been renamed as not dogs but self-propelled flotation devices.  And they were both wearing their PFD's.    For the return trip there was a headwind again.  One paddler found a nice sandy bottomed shallow cove to execute a wet exit and an assisted re-entry was practiced as demonstrated by pros the day before.  Thank you Phil. 

    Back to town Greg and his kayak For Sale had been intercepted and Aneta and Robert without boats arrived for Happy Hour before a 6:00 dinner at the Knotty Pine Restaurant attended by 11.  A less strenuous swim in the pool ended the evening early.  Sunday morning dawned sunny and warm again for another breakfast out and more demonstrations to attend and merchandise to peruse with Annie and Jerry found who were spending very large amounts of money mentally.  Bill and Ruth stopped by on their way to paddle at Inlet.  A few more kayak accessories were purchased on sale.  By 2:00 Rick started to whine to go home.  Kim W had been really on the ball by taking Monday off from work to stay over an extra night to see the Paddlefest disassemble and Old Forge empty out until tourist season really begins up there.  Meanwhile, next Sunday at Lakeview affords an opportunity to practice those demonstrations of assisted or not re-entry techniques.

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