Oneida Shores kayaking

    Oneida Shores Park presented itself as charge-free, deserted, bathroomless, and serene. It was chilly and overcast, the latter being this season’s signature weather. We had most of the parking lot and all boat launches to ourselves. The turnout was an outstanding sixteen. Eric, Tim and Ross joined us for the first time, in addition to 13 regulars: Pam, Bob, Jerry, Anne and Roger, Christine and Phil, Mary and Charles, Cindy and Rick, and Aneta and Robert. We launched off precisely at 1:00 pm and headed towards Seneca River through gentle wave rolls.

    We kayaked at a brisk pace to Lock 23, where we stopped and lingered for a while. A few people got out onto a grassy shore to stretch their legs; the others floated about and snacked. On the way back it started to rain pretty hard, but fortunately it stopped by the time we had to load up. When we reached the 81 overpass that divides Seneca River and Oneida Lake, we found the lake completely flat. Oneida Lake. Flat. Really! Effortless paddling on the glassy surface was like balm to our sore muscles. This was the first trip of the season for many, and we completed over 10 miles. No adventures of any sort this time at this location. Fortunate, or boring?

Thirteen of us went to the Waterfront Tavern in Brewerton to enjoy dinner and drinks. Life is good…

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