Mud Lock Clyde River

Mud Lock, Barge Canal,Clyde River 2010-08-29

    It was a lazy hazy day and the place to be was on the water.Stan, Ann, Kim, Cindy, Sandy, Rick1, Roger, Gene, Tish, John, Eric, Rick2, Howard, Sue, and Bill ventured out on the Barge Canal, under the 5 & 20 and Thruway bridges, and onto the Clyde River for a leisurely 9.26 mile paddle.We encountered just a few other boats.  There were double deckers, a couple of jet skis,and 7 canoes filled with Mennonites out for a swim, dresses flowing and sinking. 

      According to their website, wildlife abounds at the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge! Two hundred forty-two species of birds, 43 species of mammals,15 species of reptiles,and 16 species of amphibians can be found on the Refuge for at least part of the year. We saw an eagle or two in flight, an eagle resting in a barren tree, turtles resting on shore, ducks having a bathing party, a cormorant who popped his head out of the water right by my kayak then swam away in his snaky way, a heron swishing back and forth keeping us in view, and 6 brown cows who looked lost in the weeds by the canal’s edge.   The carp were not thrashing around at their usual place in the Seneca Spillway of the Refuge trying to get into the pool to cause plant growth problems by stirring the silt.I guess we will have to come again to see the remaining 311 animals (excluding the cows).There was also plenty of vegetation to see, including that pretty (invasive) purple loosestrife growing out of a sewage pipe that was standing on its edge surrounded by water.Lovely and unwanted.

    On the way we met up with Cindy and Sandy who got in a few extra miles by starting a tad earlier.We stopped when we ran into a manmade water fall under a bridge.There were two bridges that would need portaging around if we wanted to continue on the Clyde.We opted to stretch our legs on Clyde River Rd and venture over to the bait, ice, and grocery mini store.They had ice cream and 35 cent popsicles, which some enjoyed.Back in the water it was a race to the finish, since some people had Sunday commitments.Five of us drove to Auburn for some good food at Chili’s and to hear about Howard’s multi week vacation.  


Report by Kim Wojnowicz Images by Roger Harrod

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