CNY Kayakers

Do You Moffitt?

The Moffitt Lake camping trip was a big success in regards to both the turnout and the weather. Nearly forty people participated in camping, kayaking or both: Walt, Rick and Cindy, Roger and Anne, Jim and Mickey, Big Mike and Di, Dave F., David L., Hugh and Jody, Bob, Kim, Patty, Pam, Sue and Dan, Patti, Janice, Cindy M., Lynn, Gene and Tish, Charles and Mary, Greg, Tim and Karen, Dan M., Aneta and Robert, Rich and his son Gavin, Ken (new member) and his son Chris, and Christine (new member).

Weekend highlights:

  • We celebrated Roger’s nth birthday at the group dinner at the Inn at Speculator on Friday night. Although the service was incredibly slow, we had loads of fun and good food followed by a fabulous cake with candles burning so bright we were blinded. Happy birthday, Roger.
  • We celebrated Jim’s and Mickey’s retirement. Mickey retired in May, and Jim retired as of Saturday. Since Jim’s a teacher, he doesn’t expect to be affected by the lifestyle change until September. In the meantime he started collecting cans to supplement his fixed income.
  • We had a group breakfast and dinner on Saturday at Jim and Mickey’s. The food was ample and delicious, and the site big enough to fit us all.
  • Big Mike is really big at 7’2”. It is so hard not to stare.
  • Jody put a bet on her husband Hugh that he wouldn’t come looking for her at another campsite where she enjoyed a campfire with other women. Not only did she lose the bet, but Hugh’s caring action cost him $5.
  • As discovered by Aneta, when you plan to practice a wet exit, do wear waterproof mascara. Alternatively wear no mascara or big dark sunglasses.
  • Greg’s kayak fell off the “J” rack during unloading and cut a nasty gash above his right eyebrow. A tentative conclusion is that “J” racks are evil. See the previous week’s report for details.
  • Mary sprained her ankle on a bike prior to the trip and spent most of the weekend hobbling along on her crutches. Charles drove her around in the pickup bed.
  • We had several kayaking trips with different groups over the course of three days. The longest paddle was over 16 miles and started out with 30 and ½ paddlers.
  • Rich brought his 5 year old son Gavin to the club paddle and towed him along in a little kayak of his own. Since Gavin didn’t have to paddle, he made good use of his water gun. He was our youngest paddler.
  • It was Ken’s only second kayak outing, and he completed 13 miles keeping up with the group.
  • Several club members with plastic boats enjoyed ramming through beaver dams on two separate occasions: off of Sacandaga Lake and off of Lake Pleasant. They report it to be fun. No comments from the beavers.
  • Dave L. provided transport from the beach in Speculator to Moffitt Beach campsite to those who wished to quit the Saturday paddle early due to heavy rain.
  • It rained intermittently on Saturday, but the weather was pretty good overall, i.e. at the end of the trip tents didn’t require wringing.
  • Moffitt Beach was very nice for launching and swimming. It was conveniently located near Loop G where the majority of club members were staying.
  • The beach in Speculator provided a perfect resting spot for our group, picnic tables and restrooms included.
  • Anne had an opportunity to thoroughly test her newest gem: sea kayak P&H Vela. It looks like a long-term relationship.

The weekend was absolutely refreshing and provided wonderful opportunities to socialize, have fun, paddle, and enjoy nature. Mosquitoes bit, frogs croaked, birds chirped, bears forgot to visit, and CNY Kayakers added another page to their album of good memories.

Images Credits: KimWojnowicz, Annie Schofield, Roger Harrod, Greg Ramsey, and Walter Stroud