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Limekiln Labor Day Weekend Campout 2010 9/1 to 9/6 (Please see photos for participants)

      Friday the day was wonderfully sunny and warm when a dozen plus campers checked into the Inlet campground (one fellow at motel in Inlet) with tents, pop-up camper and trailers, for kayaking, gathering, dining, hiking, etc. A spin around Limekiln Lake in the afternoon by kayak of the early arrivers located resident loons, rocks and boulders, islands, creek, a cairn, foliage, and lakeside homes. Dinner was had just down the hill at the Old Barn Restaurant with high hopes that the latest weather predictions for the weekend were wrong. Saturday morning's gathering was set for 9 a.m. to shuttle between Blue Mountain Lake beach and Golden Beach Park''s beachside parking, however, despite hopeful intentions, the day's paddle was aborted due to excessive wind piling up unpleasant waves out of the west, prohibiting safe landing at Golden Beach even if paddlers could get that far through Eagle Lake and Utowana to the Marion River to Raquette Lake's south bay.  Plan B kicked in for some of the disappointed paddlers choosing to visit the fine Adirondack Museum at Blue Mountain Lake, some going back to camp, and some going trail hiking. A group dinner was had for charcoal grilled hot dogs, side dishes, dessert (thank you for the pie Pam), etc. with rain arriving just after dinner and cutting short the evening by 9:30 with thunder and lightening and then an even worse downpour in the night which awoke some tenters worried about flooding.  Sunday morning allowed a 7 a.m. small group of paddlers a spin around the lake (see photos) to witness the rising fog off the water, billowing cloud formations, peeking sun on hillsides and trees, loons, and hopes for incorrect weather reports again. Rain kicked in at on and off again intervals with the temperature just on the line of warm versus cold (Anne will tell you freezing). In mid morning some tent campers decided to go home, followed by a few more trying to hold out hopefully, who then gave in to defeat to the weather mid afternoon and broke camp, leaving a hold-out of 6 campers near the #109 campsite for Sunday night when it rained some more. Monday morning was dry but not much more pleasant for the deadline of the campground closing its gates at 11:00.  Two couples of the tenting escapees Sunday afternoon had paddled on Limekiln again in a chilly wind then broke camp to take in the Old Forge lakefront festivities of stage music and fireworks from the comfort of their motel rooms which still included rain but at least their tents were packed away dry, with hopes for a better Labor Day weekend next year and that lovely paddle from Blue Mountain Lake to Golden Beach or vise versa.  Happily no illness or injury was encountered by the group and the Lewey Lake campout weekend is rapidly approaching for which cold weather gear is imperative to be packed, regardless of any weather prediction for warm temperatures, to include coats, boots, gloves, hats, blankets and knowledge of motel accomodations nearby.


Report by: Cindy Phillips Images by: Kim Wojnowicz, Patti Major, Anne Schofield and Roger Harrod

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