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      Defying dark skies and scattered drizzle, at high noon at Montario Point gathered Bill E, Dave L, Eric, Christine, Walt and Rick & Cindy wearing appropriate rain gear. A pair of duck hunters and their chocolate Labrador retreiver were packing up a camouflaged motorboat with no dead ducks to show for their morning-long hunting expedition in what should have been duck heaven. The sandbar from South Colwell Pond was well dissected by high water and the lake was flat for four paddlers to parallel the beach to the outlet of South Sandy Creek where they lunched while waiting for Bill, Christine and Cindy to traverse North Colwell Pond. This took a half hour longer than usual for Cindy and Chris who got stuck in the mud, having to reverse out of and go around into deeper water and the channel to the creek. Following the beach lunch at 1:00 Eric led everyone to the channel leading to another boat launch site on Lakeview Pond at Pierrepont Road for a future Sunday's launching. His new waterproof, floating camera got a good workout. A few drops of light rain on and off ensued while exploring the launch and a boardwalk over the sand dunes to the beach where two passing strollers had the place to themselves. It was a quick trip back and a smooth cruise to South Colwell on the mirror flat lake which could not have been any flatter and there were no other people around. Having worked up an appetite Eric, Walt, Christine, Rick and Cindy mosied down to Pulaski for some Italian food to finish off another Sunday afternoon of messing around in boats.

Report by: Cindy Phillips Images by Eric Zhaman

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