Lakeview Mash

We Didn’t Know

    I guess we were the only ones who did not see the big red CANCELLED on the website.  Lucky for us.  Although we drove through nasty rain to get there, it was pleasant at Montario Point.  Kim, Dave L., and Eric paddled their way through the salad bar of mixed vegetation to find an abnormally calm Lake Ontario.  We decided to take advantage of the gentle water and headed 3 miles north along the shore towards the park.  Seagulls gathered on the beach to watch us like fans at a football game.  They were quite bored I guess.  The threat of rain kept most other living creatures and their noisy boats at home.   It was odd to see so many empty beaches.  We did see a couple of friendly fishermen who appeared to have had a great day as well.  The sun even tried to peek through the clouds once.  Blinding!  The water felt like bath water.  It measured 70 degrees.  We stopped on the beach to stretch our legs for a few minutes and discussed the poison ivy that was lurking just over the dune (where a blue boy could have been strategically placed).  The wind picked up slightly and made the trip back seem like a breeze.  In all we paddled 8.47 miles and enjoyed 240 or more exciting Luber adventures.   We worked up an appetite, so we headed for Brewerton for good food and more story sharing.  I suspect that after Dave gets his aching knees injected with rooster bones he will have more tales to tell.  Good luck Dave, and I hope those injections work. 
Yep, it was a washout in Syracuse, but a super paddling day on Ontario.  Glad we didn’t know. 

Sunday Aug 22, 2010 Lakeview Marsh

Images and Report by Kim Wojnowicz

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