Lakeview Mash
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CNY Kayakers

    The full array of kayak colors greeted the many paddlers - most were CNY Kayakers but there were many others we passed and met up with on the beach of Lake Ontario on a glorious summer spring day with light winds and temperatures in the low 80's. Most impressive were the paddlers who ventured in the shallows off the beach to practice "falling" out of their boats (aka wet exit) and then re-entering from the top. The instructors and on-lookers provided the encouragement and patience but the real lesson here is that we all need to know what to do if the kayak flips over. The procedure can be very different from plastic to fiberglass & kevlar and if you don't just fall out you need to know how to remove your skirt if you are wearing one. Anyone who paddles Lights on the Lake with a skirt on must practice the exit and re-entry or learn how to "ride" on the stern of another paddler's boat because your life could depend on it. So major KUDOS to those of you who practiced!  The snacks were fabulous, the birthday cake was delicious - we hung out in the sun and some people paddled different boats to try them out. This is always a great trip for lots of time to talk and learn and take great photos and just enjoy the company of fellow paddlers.
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