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Kayuta Lake

    The Kayuta Lake paddle drew out a record number of people (19) on a sunny early October Sunday: Phil, Kim, Walt, Eric, Lynn, Greg, Rick, Hugh, Christine, Mary and Charles, Cindy and Rick, Karen and Tim, Tish and Gene, and Aneta and Robert. We set out a little after noon to enjoy the sun and the lake with hardly any motorboat traffic. It was really pleasant though predictably chilly. Although already fairly late in the season, the trees hadn’t yet peaked with fall colors. After the record rain fall on Thursday, the water level was exceptionally high, which was particularly noticeable once we entered the creek. The current was very powerful, the stream wider than usual, the banks flooded, and our usual sand strip – under water. Taking out was still possible, but we were cramped like sardines on the narrow grassy patch. We made it all the way to the rapids, which were more approachable than ever. Some paddled in for a closer look. The way back was really fast with the swift current. The lake, as usual, was wrinkled with stiff wind blowing into our faces.
    There were two mishaps during the trip. First, Eric lost his waterproof camera. It slipped out and fell into the water. For all the time they had spent together the darn gadget never mentioned it couldn’t swim. If Eric chooses to replace it, he will probably also purchase a CFD: Camera Floatation Device. Remember: Whether you’re a person, a dog, a ferret, or a camera – use your Flotation Device while on the water. The second incident had to do with an unintended bath. Cindy had just exited her boat at the end of the paddle when her legs, cramped from nearly 12 miles of sitting still, refused to cooperate. She lost her balance and went in with a splash. Cindy, being an experienced paddler never caught without a change of clothes, came out of the experience unscathed and merely refreshed. Never kayak without bringing spare clothing!
    The happy bunch went to Buffalo Head for dinner, where they most likely indulged in chicken & biscuits and pie. I wasn’t there, but I just know

Report by Aneta Nessel Images by Kim Wojnowicz

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