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    Cloudy Sunday morning with intermittent rain and wind did not look inviting for a paddle. Eleven dedicated club members took a gamble and showed up in Sylvan Beach anyway. After some reluctance and deliberation whether to paddle or not, ten of us were in favor and set out to paddle Fish Creek: Bill, Walt, Cindy and Rick, Mary and Charles, Karen and Tim, and Aneta and Robert. The rain had stopped once we put it, and we enjoyed a peaceful, wind and rain free paddle for the round trip of 10 miles. The creek was quaint and beautiful with no boat traffic and fall like scenery. We saw several birds including geese and great blue herons. Nobody had a camera. We stopped at our regular spot, a narrow sandbar, for lunch, but the mosquitoes were vicious and chased us out really fast. The sand was mucky and caused several people to sink; unfortunately no one opted for spicing up this trip report. We paddled on enjoying the view and each other’s company. Part of the group explored an off channel to be reunited later. It started to rain just as we finished our trip. It wasn’t bad during loading, but by the time we sat comfortably in Canal View Cafe, the skies broke loose. By then we couldn’t have cared less whether it rained or hailed, as we were seated comfortably and enjoying food and drinks. We had a really spunky waiter, who joked around and shared local stories with us. The atmosphere, food, and service were excellent. The trip was a big success all around.

    Jerry stopped by before the paddle to present Robert with an award ribbon and a poster for winning 2nd place in Great Race XXXIII Short Course Men’s 40+ category with Hood’s Cheese Men Team, where Robert took Jerry’s place this year.

Report by Aneta Nessel Image by Bill Getz

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