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Black River Bay

    Although the weather forecast threatened intermittent rain on Sunday, CNY Kayakers lucked out once again. Even though it was raining in Syracuse and surrounding areas, Watertown and Dexter had brilliant weather with blue cloudless sky, bright sunshine, and summerlike warm air. Eighteen people arrived at the boat launch to enjoy a paddle: Eric, Kevin, Bob, Phil, Sue, Kim, Nina, Hugh, Tish and Gene, Karen and Tim, Anne and Roger, Cindy and Rick, and Aneta and Robert. It was a perfect day except for despicable stench coming from a nearby blue boy. The odor was so vile it had potential to warp polyethylene kayaks and melt coating off fiberglass ones had we stayed there long enough. Yuck!
    The plan was to kayak to Sackets Harbor for some ice cream. We started on Black River towards Black River Bay where the river eventually meets Lake Ontario. We encountered several shallow spots and had to go around them. Soon the wind increased and it started to get choppy. Since there was no way to tell whether the wind will decrease or increase, we cut our trip short and took out at a beach for a break. Taking out was no piece of cake because the waves pounded the shore violently, and it was hard to remain in control of one’s kayak upon approach and exit. We all made it without incident, though, and enjoyed some snacks. Starting out again was slightly easier although still tricky. One had to be careful not to get turned parallel to the waves. As bad as the bay looked with large whitecaps and roaring waves, the return trip wasn’t bad. The surf was nice, and the wind soon started to die down. We completed 8 miles.
    Everybody loaded up as fast as they could in order to escape the relentless odor ASAP. We drove out to a diner in Watertown to have dinner, but it was closed. Some people went home, while others decided to drive to Brewerton to eat at Waterfront Tavern. Dinner or not, we had a glorious paddle.

Report by Aneta Nessel Images by Kim Wojnowicz, Anne Schofield and Roger Harrod

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