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Delta Lake Images

The foliage was turning at Rome's Delta Lake.
Twelve eager paddlers came out to partake.

Bob, Eric, Gene, Tish, Rick and Cindy,
Roger, Anne, Dave, Chris, Patty and Sandy.

The waves on the lake were rhythmically pounding.
The flooding of the land was really astounding.

Bob had come early to practice his skill,
But the rains made the water too muddy still.

Eric came with his new camera in tow.
(His other one is forty feet below.)

Christine had a new boat to show;
Her face held an unmistakable glow.

Anne was sporting her bright yellow hat-
A gift from Roger--imagine that!

We rounded the point and the waves calmed way down,
But the water remained disgustingly brown.

We went up the inlet to take out at the bridge.
There were ripples of rapids, but just a smidge.

We skipped rocks and talked while eating our snacks
And all stretched out our poor old backs.

We started back and Bob led us astray,
But Roger's GPS pointed the way.

The waves beat us up as we headed to shore,
But the growl in our tummies spoke to us more.

We landed at Applebee's for a big bite to eat,
With the promise of next week and where we will meet.

Another great paddle is over and done,
Dazzled by leaves, but still warmed by the sun.


Report by: Tish Evans Images by: Anne Schofield and Roger Harrod

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