Oneida River

      As the kayaking days had been numbered, 14 paddlers gathered under the 481 bridge to enjoy an outing on the water: Mary and Charles, Tish and Gene, Cindy and Rick, Eric, Aneta and Robert, Christine, Walt, Dave, and Anne with her new boyfriend. We bundled up appropriately to the weather, wedged ourselves inside the cockpits, and paddled off. The trip was mostly uneventful, and we passed the time pondering the difference between “creek” and “stream” and why one would say “Oneida Lake” but “Lake Ontario.” The answers elude me. Rather than kayak through Lock 23, we decided to paddle the creek (a.k.a. stream) where we stopped for a break after nearly 4 miles. Anne’s new boyfriend turned out to be a nice and talkative guy. He indulged us in a story how he got up at 4 o’clock that morning, went to the bathroom, shaved his beard off, and returned to bed to watch Anne wake up to look into a stranger’s face. Yes, we all got to know a new face of Roger. We went to Euclid Restaurant for dinner.

Report by: Aneta Nessel Images by: Anne Schofield and The New Boy Friend

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