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The famous Cortland Canoe Classic was held on April 27th and claimed participation from 6 CNY Kayakers! This 14 miles, downstream from Truxton to Cortland annual race is the same stretch the club has done in the past. Over 150 participants in every type of canoe, and kayak was a NYMCRA points race. The weather was perfect, the turns were a bit hairy - lots of participants went swimming, including Kathy Kitt who jump-started the action by falling out of her boat while trying to get it in the water (no, Kitt did not pull it out from under me!).  CNY Kayakers, Phil Crandon, Kitt, John Ders, Kathy Sennett, Patti Major, Kathy Kitt and Mike Morris did our club PROUD!  Kathy Sennett took first place in Womens Touring Over 50 division,  Patti Major took first place in Womens Under 50 Touring Division; Kitt took second place and Phil Crandon took third place in Mens Under 50 Touring Division, and Kathy Kitt took second place in Womens Over 50 Touring Division.  At times this race seemed like a big crowd of kayakers & canoers coming pretty close and sometimes hitting each others boats, and at other times it seemed like there was no one else on the river at all. It was an over all fun and excellent paddle, and although I said I would never race, I'm glad Kitt talked me into it!